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216239_10150177641251624_314415326623_6858721_4412258_n_zps2223df99 photo 216239_10150177641251624_314415326623_6858721_4412258_n_zps2223df99-1_zps27ecc3df.jpg My real name is Stormy. I’m from Texas and I like video games more than I like people. :)


♔The Portuguese Elegance♔


Fires and Stars - by: Jeff Davis

In Westminster you’ll find the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Horse Guards Parade and fantastic night time views from Westminster Bridge. It’s a sightseer’s paradise, and it’s starred in films like Skyfall and TV programmes like Doctor Who and the title sequence of Sherlock.
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These “coffee kiss” sculptures are part of an ongoing series by Chinese artist Johnson Tsang. Started in 2002, the series is named after a local drink called Yuanyang, which is made using a mixture of three parts coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea to perfectly represent both Eastern and Western cultures.

Alpit Muut by (tkaira)
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